So... What Exactly are Bub Pops?

So... What Exactly are Bub Pops?

The new thing is... Bub Pops?

YES, Bub Pops! The fidget toy that everyone is loving. They have become so popular in the past year and we owe that to TikTok! There have been many kids having fun with Bub Pops all over the app so we want to  share them with you too!

But, what exactly are Bub Pops? Simply, you can think of them as an unlimited bubble wrap. We know how much fun it was to pop bubble wrap that came in packaging, but Bub Pops allows you to pop all the bubbles, flip it over, then pop them all over again. It’s endless popping!

Fun for YOU and your BRAIN!

Pops are super fun because they come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors! You can get a whole bunch of them and never get bored. Not only is it good for combating kid boredom, but it also helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and Autism, and ADHD (John Bagwell, Bagwell Promotions). It has been said that kids, adults, and elderly can increase their brain power and cultivate their logical reasoning. You can also give it to babies to help develop their sensory skills. Since the Bub Pop is made from silicone, you can easily clean and disinfect it. You can put it into the dishwasher without it getting ruined. We’ve even seen some adults use them as a creative coaster.

Do You Want To Function Better?

If you’re someone that fidgets; clicks your pen over and over, plays with sticky tape, or doodles on paper, getting a Bub Pops fidget toy would be perfect for you. This may even help you function better! Staying focused on popping the bubbles can help you stay focused and calm. You can even give it to your kids as a therapeutic toy if they have any anxiety issues or outbursts. 

For those who like ASMR (Autnomous Sensory Meridian Response), the Bub Pops can offer you the perfect popping sensation. Not only does it pop perfectly from inwards to outwards, it makes a satisfying popping noise. The popping noises heard over an over can be a pleasant sensation for some. 

Ready To Get Yours?

This is such a simple toy but it is super fun with many different benefits. We offer so many different colors and shapes in our collections! Browse through them all with your children and have them pick their favorite one. We’ll be happy to ship them out to you so they can start their days of endless fun. Get them in time before summer break so they have something beneficial to do. Click here to look at what we have!