The Running Fidget Spinners

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The Running Fidget Spinners is a soft and colorful toy to satisfy the need of the children. These little toys are washable in nature, reusable, durable, and portable in nature. The plastic used in the toy is very eco-friendly in nature. This is a perfect toy for children.


  • Recommend Age: 4years+
  • Material: Plastic
  • Toy Type: Fidget
  • Product size: 8*5*8cm

The Running Fidget Spinners feature your favorite creative toy arranged in an evergreen shape. Available in vibrant colors, this toy is easy to carry and travel with.
Make that boring lunch break, tiring flight, and lousy Sunday afternoons 'POP' and fun with this child and pet-friendly toy. Made from water-resistant plastic material, our fidget spinners can be taken to beach vacay or pool party. In addition to being fun, these Bub Pops have several benefits including the enhancement of color and spatial intelligence and better interpersonal relationships. These are also great for people with high stress/anxiety levels