Fidget Toy Christmas Countdown Advent Calendar

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Are You Ready For Your Holiday Fidget Adventure?

We've been listening, and we hear all the fidget fans out there! Our team has created the PERFECT advent calendar filled with all the hottest TikTok trends to give your Christmas a unique twist. We've hidden surprises throughout our advent calendar to make sure we bring a smile to every face that opens this Christmas Countdown! Get excited to open a new sold-out trending product every single day, building up to the joyous 25th. 

Shhhh, I shouldn't be saying this, but our Fidget Advent Calendar has a HUGE surprise on the 25th everyone will love!

Not only does everyone out there get access to a series of TikTok favorites, but you also have a fun-filled method of getting real health benefits. Every toy's functionality gives adults and children alike the best possible stress relief whenever you please! As a bonus, our fidget advent calendar can help brain development in your children AND finger dexterity while they play around with these exciting toys. You can also buy with 100% confidence! We've done everything in our power to ensure the delivery speed is faster than expected, so your calendar can make it before day 1 of your adventure!

Whether it's a Mini Rubik's cube, a Bubble Pop N' Play, or a Squishy Soybean, we know our Fidget Advent Calendar WILL make your Christmas a wondrous experience! To make your holiday even better, we've combined what should be well over $175 and brought it to you for a fraction of the price. Celebrate this Winter right, and don't miss out on the hottest trend of the holiday season! 

Our superb Fidget Advent Calendar comes in many styles. We've combined the top trends with high-quality environmentally-friendly silicone materials to bring you the best possible product. With safety, protection, and health in mind, you can rest assured that you and your kids will have a BLAST opening this Advent Calendar without worrying about any possible issue! 

Give your young ones a touch of love & fun in one action-packed Advent Calendar that only gets exciting the further you get! With over 65 TikTok favorites in the mix, it's safe to say you'll have no problem giving your kids the brightest smile when they crack their Fidget Toys open. 


  • Box Measurement: 44cm * 27cm * 7cm
  • Piece Count: 27 or 40 Variety 
  • Styles: Christmas, Galaxy, Rainbow, Burger & Fries, Milkshake, Green Tree, Rainbow Tree
  • Who's It For: Mainly Children, Also Works For Adults Who Love Fidget Items
  • Season: Winter, Holidays
  • Day Count: 25